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When talking about Vietnam we can not forget to mention about one special holiday in every single year. It is Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday).  Tet Nguyen Dan or Tet for short, is considered the biggest, the most important festival and public holiday in Vietnam.

Lunar New Year Festival often falls between late January and early February; it is among the most important holidays in Vietnam. Officially, the festival includes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day in Lunar Calendar; however, Vietnamese people often spend about nearly a month to celebrate this special event. Therefore, celebration often last all the first month. Nowadays, the number of official days-off is three but festive moods hardly come off until at least ten days after the New Year's Day have passed. The specific days taken will depend on how the dates fall over a weekend, and extra days may be declared holidays to bridge to weekends. Our list of public holiday in Vietnam 2016 will show you this year's holiday arrangements.

 In 2015, Tet Nguyen Dan was on February 19th. It is the Year of Goat.

Tet in 2016 begins on February 8th and according to Vietnamese Zodiac , 2016 represents the Year of the Monkey. 2017 will be Year of the rooster; 2018, the Dog; 2019, the Pig; 2020, the Rat. Animals after that will be: the Buffalo, the Tiger, the Cat, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat and then back to the Monkey.

Tet Holiday is the biggest annual celebration of Vietnam which is hold on first 3 days of the first month in Lunar Calendar. During these days, people are welcome a new coming year with good health, lucks and success. Like Christmas Eve in the West, Tet Nguyen Dan is special time for family to reunite and celebrate together. People always try to return to their hometown to meet with their parents, siblings and relatives no matter how far away they live and work. Being unable to "return home" in New Year is considered a great misfortune. As the result, all means of transportation (airplanes, trains, couches) are crammed in this time of the year. It takes great effort to procure tickets but everyone find it rewarding nonetheless. Even those who have passed away are "invited" to return to enjoy Lunar New Year with the living. 

The first day of Tet is reserved for visiting family and relatives, the second day for special guests and close friends, and the third day for teachers, friends and business associates. After the initial greeting, visitors are served candied fruits and dried watermelon seeds. Tea, coffee, beer, champagne or whiskey are also offered, as well as more substantial fare, such as banh chung or banh Tet with pickled green onions, etc..